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A firm favourite: Anya Hindmarch

This luxe brand doesn’t particularly hold its value, but it doesn’t take anything away from how beautiful (and durable) these bags are.

I first fell in love with Anya Hindmarch when I saw Olivia Palermo rocking the Bathurst (available in my store, click here to view) back in 2011. I needed that satchel, well I at least thought I did - it turns out I didn’t really use it, as I worried about scuffing it and so it very much lived in the wardrobe due to this fear.

At the same time the Bruton was released and initially it didn’t catch my eye but when the sale arrived I couldn’t resist and picked this beauty up for an absolute steal (I can’t remember the exact price - but I remember thinking it was amazing). It is easily one of my most used bags, in fact it’s the bag I’m using at the moment - it fits so much in, the handles are sturdy, the structure is divine and the bag is now 10 years old and still looks this good - the photo was taken this week!

I even used this bag on my wedding day to store all the bits and bobs I needed (although an usher carried it all day 🙈), as hubby and I went straight from our wedding onto our honeymoon, and being a super organised (coughs *controlling*) person I had to make sure I had our passports/tickets/etc at the ready.

The Bruton is a fab bag - reminding me of an old school doctors bag - the zip allows the bag to open fully revealing a huge compartment with the signature labelled pockets inside for phone, lipstick, keys… etc. It is an ideal travel companion as easily fits a smaller bag inside, so this has been used for a number of flights. The contrast of the patent leather against the smooth leather is so beautiful - and I would struggle to find signs of wear on this bag. It’s metal feet hold it comfortably from the ground so corners have remained intact and patent is much more hard wearing than many give it credit for.

I adore this bag, and it is another one that will firmly remain in my collection and I will continue to use it year on year… that’s what I would call sustainable fashion!

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