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New bag day!

It’s rare that I take the plunge and treat myself to a new bag. Being in the preloved industry I tend to lean into second hand more than most and in all honesty my personal collection is very small. I’ve had a one in, one out policy since starting Loved To Go and a lot more have gone out than in. Mainly because I’ve come to realise the type of bag that suits my lifestyle and works for me.

So why the @polene_paris Nodde?

I’ve never taken the plunge on a #polenebag before, but on release this caught my eye. Mainly because I have espadrilles that match it perfectly which I live in and also because it has a zip closure (which suits me, as I have two young kids, so bending down to sort them out I need a bag that keeps my items secure inside). I also love the colour - a chalky white.

On arrival (and I will share an unboxing of it when I get a chance because the box - very sustainably made - and dustbag are also lovely) I found the design very pleasing and practical. The best part for me is the strap, which cleverly extends without causing any kinks, meaning you can wear it on the shoulder or crossbody with ease, and without it loosing any shape or looking awkward.

The interwoven body is exactly that, interwoven with small holes where the leather meets - so I’d definitely advise a little pouch for any small accessories (hairpins, bands) you may carry to avoid them getting lost.

The bag comfortably carries a small purse, phone, pouch, keys, spare charger (my phone no longer holds battery 🤦🏼‍♀️) and suits me and my lifestyle perfectly. The opening can be a little tight to get things in and out with ease but it’s a small inconvenience that allows the design to remain compact and yet secure.

For me this is quiet luxury at its best - @polene_paris is far more budget friendly than what many would deem quiet luxury. But for me #quietluxury is understated, well made items that are not instantly recognisable but feel nice for you to be using. This bag checks all of these boxes and more. Definitely a keeper, definitely a beauty and at £390, far friendlier to the purse strings than many bags currently available on the luxury market. @polene_paris you have a new fan. I’m converted.

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