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Caring for your luxury bags

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

We search for them tirelessly. Then when we find that perfect bag, we don’t want to let go of them,

we want them to be by our side ALWAYS.

Chanel Vintage Diana Flap Bag

So how do you take good care of your bags, without it becoming stressful to use them?

The key to keeping your bags in good condition is to keep them clean, in between times of use, and store them properly.

Handy tips to keep them clean is to tip out any excess fluff and evidence of use before storing them away, and potentially giving them a once over every now and then with a fragrance free alcohol free baby wipe.

When it comes to Louis Vuitton you may have vachetta to deal with, it is a good idea to periodically clean and condition it to making sure it ages evenly.

When it comes to Chanel and other fine leathers it may benefit from a leather conditioning wipe every now and then. Store the chains sensibly and in a manner where it will not be in direct contact with the leather.

Chanel Patent Leather Reissue Wallet on Chain

When you are unsure what to do, get in touch with the friendly team at Loved to Go and we will surely be able to provide help and give you some pointers to keep your luxury goods in tip top condition. After all our combined experience counts.

We would also love to hear your tips too, as we sure love to share ours.

Until we meet again,


To view and print our helpful leaflet about looking after and storing your bags click on the file below.

Looking after luxury - Loved To Go
Download PDF • 5.05MB

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