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The long term heritage credentials of Louis Vuitton

The coated canvas is the house's most popular and iconic look. Both the damier prints and the iconic monogram print are recognised and acknowledged all over the world. You can go anywhere, doesn't matter where, to a small town in Vietnam or a village in Austria, the now utterly French prints will be recognised.

The beautiful flowers, quatrefoils and fleur de lis on the monogram have been classically brown most times, but sometimes have been playfully and colourfully interpreted by contemporary artists.

Did you know there is 118 years between the birth of the first and second Damier prints..... 1888 for Damier Ebene and 2006 for Damier Azur.

One of the reasons why the prints have survived this long, is because the products have lasted so long.... sometimes many decades. By inheriting pieces from your family, the heritage lives on, and new stories are created, through travel, exciting experiences, beautiful get togethers and sometimes exotic locations.

Where is the most obscure place you have spotted an LV? What is YOUR forever piece by the House?


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Louis Vuitton Monogram

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