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Vintage Chanel

When it comes to Chanel bags there is no more desirable model than the so called ‘sac a rabat’ or flap bag.

The silhouette is timeless and elegant and the bag has always been considered ahead of its time, because of its design and the variety of ways it can be worn. It can be elegant and secure doubled up or casual ‘laissez faire’ Parisian style with the full chain extended.

According to the artisans of yesteryear, the smaller the bag, the finer the leather selected for it. By that yardstick that would make the 9 inch small double flap Chanel’s finest creation and perfect as stylish accompaniment to a romantic dinner.

Enjoy selecting your vintage "must have" piece and make sure you buy it from a reputable source. After all the bag you choose (wisely!) may outlive you and go on telling its beautiful story.

Until we meet again,


You can find more about Loved To Go Vintage here or on our dedicated instagram @lovedtogovintage.

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