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The Vintage Edit

The Vintage Edit is arriving on Wednesday 15th September 2021 and is the first installment of vintage pieces from @lovedtogo. The bags are beautiful and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Vintage has become very popular in recent years with collectors romanticising a by gone era and striving to hold on to a piece of history. The true beauty in vintage is the craftsmanship. The saying "they don't make them like they used to" could not be more true when you carefully look over these pieces. They are not just a piece of history but a piece of art created by the true artisans of leather work - a time when consumerism wasn't the end goal but creating a timeless classic was. They were something to be desired, admired and loved.

The items we have come wrapped in a story, their imperfections tell of their nights out and the love stories they have witnessed (if only they could tell us what they have seen). They are made to be loved and ours are ready to go on to their next chapter.

We will be revealing three Chanel beauties on Wednesday, a snapshot of what's to come as we enter the world of vintage.

Until next time,



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