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Chanel GST "Loved" and ready "to go"

Chanel GST in beige cavair

The GST (abbreviation for its full name the ‘Grand Shopping Tote’) is exactly what is says on the tin. A roomy large bag that’s ideal for everyday use. It has two large compartment and a middle zippered pocket for anything that needs safekeeping whilst you are out and about. To the disappointment of many, the GST was discontinued in 2015, but this hasn’t stopped Chanel lovers picking these beauties up on the resale market to satisfy their need for a large Chanel bag.

This bag was super popular in the early-to-mid 2000s - this was the era of big bags (I briefly touched upon this on my post about the Loewe Amazona) and many celebrities had this bag in their collections. Today, these are sold on the resale market. This particular beauty has been loved in its former life and is now off to its second home (with a quick trip to the restorers in between).

This is one of the things I love about reselling bags… they tell a story, live a life (and I’m sure if they weren’t inanimate objects and could talk, would be able to tell us some wild stories) and then move on. They become someone else’s “new to me” bag. It’s the reason behind our name - the bag has been “loved” and is ready “to go”.

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