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Where my love of luxury began...

I have always said I wouldn't want to write a blog post if it hadn't come from my own personal experience, as I always enjoy reading something that comes across authentic, a true voice, for want of a better phase. The 'About' section is in the making... I have so many wonderful clients who encourage me to share more of my story and I promise it is on the way - a blog post about how Loved To Go came to be! So this post is a little snippet of how my love of luxury came to be and seems to be a good place you to find out a little more about me and for me to find my "voice" within the blogging community.

I adore Loewe. I think it is a beautiful brand, often underrated compared to the big 3 (Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton) but the craftsmanship is exquisite and the bags timeless.

I was much younger than I am now when I bought this bag (pictured below)... it was my first major purchase in the world of luxury and in all honesty I didn’t even know a world of luxury existed! I was just drawn to it.

It was purchased from Selfridges, London and they had a special promotion as Loewe had released a limited collection. This is a Loewe Amazona and it is number 2 of 20 bags made for this collection. As soon as I saw it I loved it! The patent leather, the colour (which looks blue in some lights, green in others, almost black at times and sometimes a rich navy), the shape, the elegance. At the time big, handheld bags were all the fashion. Everyone was carrying oversized bags, even to special events and evenings out - this was perfect.

It has aged beautifully as well, barely looking any different to the day I bought it (I do store my bags well though - that’s a whole different post for another day). I also discovered many years later that their logo is actually four intertwined L’s and I can’t help but feel this may have been my subconscious buying a bag emblazoned with my initial! This bag will forever be in my collection... I cannot imagine parting with it and next season I’ve heard Loewe are bringing their Amazona bag back into the forefront of the collection.

They have huge success with their puzzle, hammock and basket bags over the past few years but for me the Amazona is a classic and a Loewe icon.

Until next time,



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